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Fleming Middle School STEM Program

The Western Museum of Flight is an educational institution committed to preserving Southern California's rich aviation heritage. It also strives to inspire youth in Southern California to learn about aviation and aeronautics in the hopes to create the next generation of engineers, scientists, pilots and other related career fields. Fleming Middle School is working with the Western Museum of Flight to inspire their students in S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) careers.

Fleming Students: Please read the directions below to complete the extra credit assignments.

1. View the video that you are interested in watching.
2. Write the questions on a separate sheet of paper (or type them).
3. Answer each question correctly in complete sentences (or type them).
4. Turn in assignment to Mr. Espinoza or save it in your Google Drive folder that you set up for my class. If you save this assignment in your Google Drive folder, please let Mr. Espinoza know so he can check it.

Celebrity Lecture: U-2 Pilot - Rob Rowe 05-07-2016


Celebrity Lecture: F-14 Top Gun Pilot - Mike Rabens 11-21-2015



Celebrity Lecture: F-14 Top Gun Pilot Mike Rabens Walk Around 11-21-2015



Celebrity Lecture: James Webb Space Telescope 09-19-2015


1. What is the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)? What is the significance of this telescope?

2. What does the number 13,500,000,000 mean in this presentation?

3. How long does light from the Sun take to reach Earth? What does this mean?

4. How far will the telescope be from Earth? Why?

5. What is the scheduled lifespan of the JWST? what will limit its lifespan?

6. How large (diameter) is the optical lens of the JWST? How does it compare to the Hubble telescope?

7. What does optical mean?

8. Why was a swimming pool used in an analogy to describe the JWST?

9. What are the four major parts of the JWST? Describe each part.

10. What has Northrop Grumman invited you to see in 2017? Where? Why is this cool?

11. What does the number 100,000,000 mean in this presentation?

12. How many days will it take the JWST to get 1 million miles away from Earth?

13. What are ideas about the future of telescopes in space?


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