BD-5 Sport Plane


The BD-5 Sport Plane was designed by Jim Bede, assisted by Bert Rutan, in the early 1970’s. It was an experimental homebuilt kit, single seat high performance aircraft. It is a low wing pusher propeller configuration. Design features include all-metal construction, mechanical retractable landing gear, detachable wings, and wrist action side stick control as used in modern day fighter aircraft. The kit cost $2,599.00 and came with a Hurth two-cylinder, 650 cc, air-cooled, 55 horsepower engine. It could reach an airspeed of 239 mph. It was designed for daytime visual flight requirements (VFR) for use in sport/recreational flying. A jet propelled model, the BD-5J, was also sold, powered by a Sermel TRS-18-046 turbojet engine developing 225 pounds of thrust and an airspeed of 300 mph.

The Western Museum of Flight restored this aircraft and painted it like the BD-5J (turbojet) which flew in the James Bond movie “Octapussy"


Wing Span: 14.33 feet
Length: 13.3 feet
Height: 4.20 feet
Empty Weight: 310 lbs
Gross Weight: 600 lbs
Useful Load: 290 lbs
Wing Area: 30.50 sq ft
Take off Distance: 550 ft
Landing Distance: 500 ft
MPG: 43
Max. Fuel Capacity: 28 gallons
Engine: Hirth 2 cylinder 55 hp
Max. Speed (sea level): 239 mph


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